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Tracy Tompkins

Take Your Professional Development Virtual: Part 2

When planning a virtual event for professional development, it’s imperative to have a game plan in place before, during, and after the event. Successful virtual events that end with your members feeling their time was well-spent require careful content planning, promotion, active engagement and measured follow-up.

In terms of technology or innovation, what was your association's biggest breakthrough in 2015?

Poll: Continuing Education a Top Member Priority for Most Associations

Even if your members are not required to obtain ongoing certification of continuing education credits, make sure you’re doing all that you can to help them advance their careers. Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of early respondents to Association Adviser’s unscientific reader poll indicated that their members are taking advantage of most professional development opportunities they offer.

Poll: Sourcing New Ideas

How do new ideas tend to be developed at your organization?

Leadership Spotlight

Russ Webb

If You Don’t Know the Answer, Find the Answer

Atlanta Apartment Association vice president Russ Webb shares his thoughts about the need for constant … [Continue Reading]

Derek Poarch

High Accountability + High Reward = High Retention

APCO International’s Derek Poarch shares his thoughts about motivating employees and guiding a diverse … [Continue Reading]

John Hoyles Headshot

Long-time Association Exec Adapts to New Rules of Engagement

We caught up with John Hoyles, CEO of The Canadian Bar Association, on the day that Justin Trudeau — son of … [Continue Reading]