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WRLA Video Filler Ad on Website

6 Ways Your Association Can Promote Videos to Members

Last month, we explored the power of adding video to your current communication strategies and how MHEDA, WRLA and other associations are using video to increase member engagement and retention and to raise non-dues revenue. Here we look at ways to improve the way in which you promote and measure the effectiveness of your videos. […]

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The Power of Personalization in Event Marketing

Market smarter, not harder, simply by using fewer generic pronouns and more real names in your association’s communications. Here’s our successful experience with email personalization. Traditional, cookie-cutter marketing campaigns don’t work anymore. Today, customers expect personalized content, and they have a low tolerance for anything that they consider looks remotely “spammy.” In the marketing world […]

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Leadership Spotlight

Kevin Burke, ACI-NA

Taking the Pulse of an Industry from Ground Level to 35,000 Feet

This month’s Corner Office profile shines on Kevin Burke, president and CEO of Airports Council International … [Continue Reading]

Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association

Be a Leader Not a Manager

(and keep the bowling balls down the center of the lane) This month’s Corner Office profile shines on Mike … [Continue Reading]

Hank Berkowitz, Association Adviser

Our Favorite Corner Office Insights of the Past Half Decade

“If you’ve seen one association, you’ve seen one association.” I remember hearing that line for the first time … [Continue Reading]