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Millennials are still taking in news as much as other generations, but tend to gather news from social media more than their older counterparts.

Researchers Need a Reality Check About Millennials’ News Habits

What is it with those millennials and their connectedness? They always have their nose in a smartphone or tablet . . . could it be that they are using those devices to stay informed actively about their local and global communities? A trio of millennials weighs in.

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Boost Non-Dues Revenue Through Instagram

You’ve heard of Instagram. Are you earning revenue from it? Learn how one association is boosting their non-dues revenue through Instagram.

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Which type of non-dues revenue do you expect to grow the most for your organization in 2015?

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Hank Berkowitz, Association Adviser

Our Favorite Corner Office Insights of the Past Half Decade

“If you’ve seen one association, you’ve seen one association.” I remember hearing that line for the first time … [Continue Reading]

Shane Yates

Focus on Your Passion (and Culture), Not Your Paycheck

Getting it done and having fun. This month’s Corner Office profile shines on Shane Yates, CAE, CMP, executive … [Continue Reading]

Tom Hood, CEO of MACPA

Stuck for Ideas? Start with Sticky Notes

Stuck for ideas? Not sure how to kick off your next brainstorming session? Some of the sharpest innovators in … [Continue Reading]