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Jake Gregory

Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend, and It Kills Me

Are our jobs so awful that we prefer to “live” for only two of the seven days of a week? The daily grind of paper pushing and dealing with tough bosses is hard, but is that worth wasting 70 percent of your adult life?

Twitter Bird Winking

Make Your (Twitter) List, Check It Twice

Manage your association’s Twitter account? Twitter lists are a simple yet powerful feature that organize your feed by people and topic. Lists of member groups, events, and industry news can be a valuable, free service for members. Learn how to create your own custom lists.

Association Adviser Polls

Do members belong to your organization because of your professional development offerings?

Leadership Spotlight

Mick Fleming

You Get All of Me—I Hope You Like It

Our Corner Office spotlight shines on Mick Fleming, president of the Association of Chamber of Commerce … [Continue Reading]

Sorry For Driving So Close in Front Of You

What Associations Can Learn from Bumper Stickers

Most of your members are in your corner, but don’t ever take them for granted. They can peel away fast. I saw … [Continue Reading]

Kevin Burke, ACI-NA

Taking the Pulse of an Industry from Ground Level to 35,000 Feet

This month’s Corner Office profile shines on Kevin Burke, president and CEO of Airports Council International … [Continue Reading]