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5 Ways to Nurture Professional Relationships

Professional relationships, just like personal relationships, need honesty, trust and respect in order to grow and succeed. In the association world, there are a number of relationships that require care and attention. Naylor Association Solution’s Group Publisher John Bacon, MBA, and Jamie Williams, a veteran sales representative with nearly 20 years of experience, recently talked to Association Adviser about the ways that they nurture professional relationships with associations and advertisers, respectively. What they found is that there are five basic truths that form the foundation of a strong professional relationship.

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Key Takeaways Association Marketers Need to Know from ASAE’s 2017 #MMCCon

There were many great education sessions at ASAE’s 2017 Membership, Marketing & Communications (MM&C) Conference, held earlier this month in Washington, D.C. This year’s event focused on the challenges faced by association marketing professionals and provided tips, trends and programs to help move marketers forward. Here are five key takeaways that will help association marketers face the future. Branding is everything Branding should be at the core of anything and everything you do for your association. It’s what shapes who your association is, how your members perceive you and the inherent level of trust they have for your association. It is the equivalent of your association’s personality. It is important that every single action that your association takes is in alignment with your brand’s personality. Every department should consider the association’s brand when making decisions. Consistency is critical, said William Espey, brand voice lead for Chipotle and MM&C’s closing keynote. “Every point of contact creates that brand experience.” IT and marketing need to have a symbiotic relationship Your marketing efforts are only as good as the data you have. Multiple sessions focused on this core concept and stressed the importance of marketing and IT departments working closely together in order for marketing to be effective. During “10 Marketing KPIs Every Association Should Be Measuring,” Dave Martin with Aptify and Michael Skiados with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association talked about just how much the marketing landscape has moved toward data-driven technology. They estimated that in 2011, there were about 150 marketing technology ...

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