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The Power of ‘No’

The customer is always right. Give the customer what they want. We’ve all heard those lines before. Well, the customer may always know what they want, but whether it is right may be up for some debate. And sometimes giving them what they want may not get them the best results. Most associations, especially those with smaller staffs, partner with third-party vendors as a way to accomplish more with less people and possibly even bring in new sources of non-dues revenue. It’s a solution that makes sense: Find an area where your association needs help and bring in an expert. The right vendor partner will become an extension of your staff and value your success as much as you do. While it’s easy to think that saying “no” could ruin that association-vendor relationship, the opposite can be true. In order to help an association exceed its goals, sometimes a vendor needs to say “no,” particularly if what’s being requested is costly, doesn’t provide your members with a return or isn’t a service that it offers in the first place. By providing honest feedback about a request, an association will begin to see its vendors as trusted advisors who have their best interest in mind. Here are some others things to keep in mind when it comes to saying “no,” whether you’re a vendor or association. Vendors: Don’t Say ‘No’ Without a ‘Yes’ It’s important to set boundaries and standards at the beginning of a partnership – whether that’s a clear ...

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Extend the Life of Your Event with Content That Lasts All Year

Extend the Life of Your Association Event Year-Round

I can still remember the first association conference I ever attended: It was three days of jam-packed educational sessions, networking events every night and one-on-one meetings in between. It was hundreds of people on the trade show floor, a few with familiar faces but most of whom I was meeting for the first time. It was a lot of business cards, a lot of handshaking, and a lot of coffee. It was overwhelming, but it was exhilarating. I’ve been to many more conferences since in my years with Naylor Association Solutions, but I still feel the same excitement each time I attend an association’s event. If there’s one thing that most associations agree on, it’s that meetings and events are where things happen: Deals are done, connections are made, relationships are built, knowledge is shared, and new ideas come to life. According to the 2016 Naylor Communications Benchmarking Survey, live conferences and events are still the No. 1 communications channel for associations, with 90 percent of respondents saying they consider them extremely valuable for their members. But what is your association doing to extend the life of your meeting beyond those few days when your members are on-site and fully engaged? Don’t let your event end as soon as your members are back in the office. Instead, keep members inspired by sharing content from your event throughout the year. Here are a few ways you can create content during your conference that will live on long after the event is ...

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